Connec’s 11kV bolted range is designed specifically for underground coal mining operations, but can be used in other hazardous areas and non-coal mining applications

Key features

  • Fire retardant antistatic (FRAS) body

  • Up to 50% lighter than comparable products

  • Allows circuit testing (live or dead) without separation

  • Time saving in cable connection/disconnection (fit-off)

  • Cable range (35mm2 - 400mm2)

  • Modular parts across range (reduced SKU)

  • Field serviceable components (where permitted)

  • Dust and water resistant (IP66 - IP68)

  • No encapsulant in polymer body

  • Contiguous (segregated) Phase Earth Tubes

  • Cable retention (Collet) independent to Cable Seal

  • Pilot and 2 Auxiliary Pins (customisable)

  • Mechanically keyed single piece Plug Coupler

  • Segregated Crimped Phase Thimbles (retention)

  • Low insertion force (Pin to Socket engagement)

  • Thermal efficiency < 35degC at full load

  • Smaller segregated flameproof chambers (<10ml) prevents sustained ignition (Group 1)

  • Proprietary termination reduces partial discharge